Almond Canola Castor Coconut Corn Cottonseed Expeller Pressed Garlic Linseed Non-GMO Oiticita Olive Palm Palm Kernel Palm Stearine Peanut Safflower Sesame Soybean Sunflower Tung Walnut Zero-Trans
Canola Safflower Nusun Sunflower
Canola Safflower Soybean Sunflower
Soy Canola
All Purpose Cake Icing Filling Heavy Duty Frying Liquid Specialty
Cajun Spice Celery Flakes Celery Salt Celery Seed Ground Celery Seed Whole Chili Powder Chives Chopped Curry Powder Fajita Seasoning Garlic Powder Garlic Minced Garlic Salt Italian Seasoning MSG Mustard Seed Powder Mustard Seed Whole Onion Powder Onion Chopped Onion Granulated Onion Minced Onion Salt Onion Powder Toasted Onion Toasted Chopped Spanish Paprika Parsley Flakes Pepper Black Pepper White Ground Cayenne Pepper Jalapeno Powder Whole Polly Seeds Sea Salt Seasoned Salt Sesame Natural Seeds Sesame Black Seeds Tomato Powder Turmeric Grounds
Emulsifiers Lecithin Mono & Dyglycerides Peanut Butter Stabilizer PGME
Margarines Bakers Croissant Table
Also Available Beta Carotene Corn Starch Diacetyl Defatted Wheat Germ Lemon Concentrate Oat Bran Organic Flour Organic Meal Soy Isolet Vitamin A

Bringing You the Best of Nature

At H&S Ingredients we take pride in providing you with the highest quality ingredients for your company. We offer a selection of products from around the world that are grown and produced with nature and purity.

Through our distribution network we can ship to you locally as well as worldwide. We package and ship our products in bags, boxes, pails, drums, totes, and tank trucks.

Our Mission

For additional industrial food ingredients: Oil Plus Food Products.

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